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[Editorial] Elevating the Voice of a Generation to Achieve the Global Goals

February 23, 2021

Stephanie Choi, SVP & Head of Marketing at Samsung Mobile, remarks on the success of the Generation17 program and empowering youth and technology to help achieve the Global Goals.

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Dear Galaxy Community -

Over the past year, we’ve all been reminded of technology’s vital role in our lives. It has kept us connected in these difficult times and enabled us to work and learn, no matter where we are in the world. But beyond that, it has kept us hopeful. Technology has inspired us and enabled us to do good by serving as a powerful tool capable of bringing communities together to drive positive change.

I would like to spotlight a group of young people who, in the midst of a global pandemic, have truly embodied this spirit of innovation. They’re finding creative ways to harness technology to defy barriers and build a better world at a time when we urgently need to make progress.

In celebration of the United Nations’ 75th Anniversary, Samsung and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) expanded our partnership to launch Generation17, an initiative to magnify the voices of young leaders who are helping to achieve the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Our Generation17 Young Leaders are committed activists, each with the strong will and unwavering determination to build a better future for all by 2030. Spanning Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America, they are already making incredible strides on pressing global challenges.

Stephanie Choi Global Goals executive editorial

A Generation Driven by Purpose
Now more than ever, we must elevate the voice of young generations and unlock their collective power to advance the Global Goals. Our future depends on their ingenuity, dedication and optimism. We need their abiding sense of purpose.

Millennials and Gen Z are, by and large, fluent in technology. More than two-thirds of their generation have a smartphone.1 They’re also natural changemakers. More than 86% believe they can make a difference.2 They are passionate activists who truly seek to make positive change in everything they do and are determined to create a better world for all. And because they’ve grown up in a largely borderless, online world, Samsung aims to amplify their spirit of global community. Both generations are visionary, but they need resources that help them realize their aspirations and help society continue to grow and evolve.

That’s why Samsung and the UNDP are supporting the next generation. We’re propelling young people to do good by giving them the technology to create change and the means to make their voices heard. Samsung is proudly using our global reach to help these young leaders tell their stories and advance their missions, while the UNDP is leveraging its issue expertise and grassroots operations to supply young leaders with the necessary skills and resources they need to make a meaningful impact.

After first partnering with the UNDP over two years ago to transform the Galaxy ecosystem into a powerful enabler for collective activism, this marks an important next step in our ongoing journey towards helping the world achieve the Global Goals in less than 10 years.

Taking Action, Together
The journey to achieve the Global Goals is not easy. It requires a committed and coordinated effort across the public and private sectors, as well as groups and individuals. As Generation17 demonstrates, we can all enact big change if we tap our passion and determination together. And the Galaxy community has the opportunity to embrace our purpose and help shape a better future.

Today we're welcoming even more young leaders to our Generation 17 community, a group that once again shows the power of technology to make these critical connections. From Daniel Calarco's quest for improved equality in Brazil; Nadine Khaouli's inspiring crisis response in Lebanon; Yurii Romashko's use of technology to power data-based decision making; and to Yejin Choi's AI-based approach to children's wellbeing in South Korea - it's only the beginning.

These young innovators are an integral part of the Samsung Galaxy community, and they do not stand alone. Even the smallest everyday actions can add up to exponential good and that’s why we’re grateful to the millions of Galaxy users who are standing with our young leaders. As of January, the Samsung Global Goals app  — a platform where Galaxy users can learn about the Goals and work together for greater good — has been installed on over 100 million Galaxy smartphones worldwide.

We’re proud of our shared mission and impactful partnership with the UNDP and we are continuing to explore new ways to evolve our collaboration. We will continue to find ways to support young leaders and identify new opportunities to mobilize our Galaxy community to achieve the Global Goals.

We invite each and every one of you to learn more about the young leaders and join us in our cause by visiting

Thank You,
Stephanie Choi
SVP & Head of Marketing of Mobile Communications Business
Samsung Electronics

Gen17 Cohort 2

1 "Smartphone Ownership Is Growing Rapidly Around the World, but Not Always Equally." Pew Research Center, Washington, D.C., (2019)
2 "The Millennial Impact Report: 10 Years Looking Back" Case Foundation, Washington D.C., (2018)

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