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Samsung Kicks Off Mobile First Marketing Campaign Ahead of Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 to Bring Athletes and Fans Together

July 15, 2021

Samsung brings advanced mobile innovations to enhance the Olympic and Paralympic Games experience for athletes and fans worldwide

SEOUL, Korea – July 15, 2021 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a Worldwide Olympic and Paralympic Games Partner, is bringing new mobile innovations to Tokyo 2020 to help more consumers and fans experience the Olympic and Paralympic spirit wherever they are in the world. This year will demonstrate how sport can unite us even when we’re not physically together, and in partnership with the International Olympic Committee and International Paralympic Committee, Samsung will lead this journey with its latest mobile technology and digital-first approach.

Samsung kicks off its Olympic and Paralympic Games program today by revealing the Galaxy S21 5G Tokyo 2020 Athlete Phones, which will be distributed to all 17,000 Olympic and Paralympic athletes competing in Tokyo. At the same time, Samsung has unveiled a roster of incredible athlete ambassadors, and has launched a number of digital-led marketing initiatives, including a virtual Samsung Galaxy Tokyo 2020 Media Center that will keep media and fans worldwide connected during the Games.

“Samsung will continue to support the Olympic and Paralympic movements and connect fans with the Games just as we have for over 30 years,” said Stephanie Choi, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Marketing Team of Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics. “For Tokyo 2020, we will provide athletes and fans opportunities to connect and experience the excitement of the Games through our innovative mobile technologies, such as the latest Galaxy device with its 5G capabilities.”

Samsung Highlights Mobile Innovation with Launch of Galaxy S21 5G Tokyo 2020 Athlete Phone
As the exclusive wireless communications equipment provider of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Samsung will again gift special edition mobile devices to all Olympic and Paralympic Games athletes competing at Tokyo 2020. Samsung first introduced its Olympic Edition Phone for the Olympic Games in 1988 and has been providing them to all Olympic athletes since Sochi 2014. This initiative expanded to Paralympians for PyeongChang 2018 and will continue for Tokyo 2020 and beyond as Samsung remains committed to the Olympic and Paralympic movements.

The Galaxy S21 5G Tokyo 2020 Athlete Phone features a pro-grade camera for users of any skill level, and the most advanced processor ever in a Galaxy device for greater speed. The mobile devices are also energy efficient and provide advanced computing capabilities to support 5G connectivity and on-device AI. To commemorate Tokyo 2020, the iconic design of the device will feature a blue body and the respective Olympic rings and Paralympic agitos inscribed on the back.

“Samsung is helping athletes stay connected to their loved ones and providing new safe ways for consumers, fans and media to experience Tokyo 2020,” said Timo Lumme, Managing Director, IOC Television and Marketing Services. “Together, we are able to engage with and inspire athletes and fans worldwide and keep the Olympic spirit strong through Samsung’s innovative mobile technology and new digital platforms.”

Samsung Tokyo 2020 Press Release

Samsung Tokyo 2020 Press Release

Samsung to Provide Innovative Mobile Technology to Enhance Tokyo 2020 Experience
Samsung is committed to promoting the power of sport, bringing together the global community in new and innovative ways, and enhancing the Olympic and Paralympic Games experience through its immersive, state-of-the-art mobile technology.

Samsung will help embrace the excitement of the Olympic and Paralympic Games through immersive experiences at Samsung Showcases (Galaxy Harajuku at Harajuku, Galaxy Athlete Lounge at Olympic and Paralympic Village for Tokyo 2020). Galaxy Harajuku is specifically designed to provide visitors with engaging experiences that incorporate Samsung’s legacy of breakthrough mobile innovation and interactive activities. Visitors will be encouraged to create, capture, and share their own Olympic and Paralympic experiences, expanding offline to digital platforms to provide global fans a look into Tokyo 2020. Simultaneously, the Galaxy Athlete Lounge in Olympic and Paralympic Village will be exclusively available for Olympic and Paralympic athletes throughout the duration of the Games to interact with each other, connect with family and friends and enjoy various Galaxy experiences.

Samsung Tokyo 2020 Press Release

Samsung Tokyo 2020 Press Release
Samsung will extend its Olympic and Paralympic Games initiatives to digital and social platforms to engage with media and global sports fans worldwide, including the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tokyo 2020 Media Center. This website will be the destination for all of Samsung’s Olympic and Paralympic Games content, where fans and media can visit to learn more about Team Galaxy, read real-time news, watch Team Galaxy activations, and download behind-the-scenes content. The virtual experience will provide an opportunity to connect with the Games and come together to enhance the Olympic and Paralympic spirit.

Digital and social support will continue during Games-Time with the launch of Galaxy House on Zepeto, a virtual platform that lets users create 3D characters of themselves. In Galaxy House, fans will be able to experience new Samsung Tokyo 2020 marketing content and enjoy a new virtual pin promotion. Fans also can head over to @samsungmobile and show their support for all athletes during the Olympic and Paralympic Games with its #TweetToCheer campaign on Twitter and Instagram.

Additionally, Samsung proudly debuted its global campaign, Proud sponsor of a world coming together, ahead of the Olympic Games today. It shows how Samsung Galaxy’s boundary-pushing technology enables athletes to connect with their family, friends and fans, even though they are not together physically.

“I’m so proud to be part of Team Galaxy for Tokyo 2020. I travel to competitions all over the world, and I take my Samsung phone everywhere so I can stay connected to family and friends wherever I am,” explains Sky Brown, who will represent Team Great Britain at Tokyo 2020 in skateboarding. “I hope to inspire other kids who watch me skate at The Games to decide they can be an Olympian, too.”

Team Galaxy to Further Empower Connection and Inspire the Next Generation of Athletes
Samsung is committed to creating a global and inclusive team where everyone belongs and has equal opportunities, and Team Galaxy, Samsung’s official roster of Olympians and Paralympians represents this commitment. In the lead-up to Tokyo 2020, Samsung has partnered with world-class athletes who defy barriers and inspire fans through their athletic achievements and “off-field” contributions to their communities.

About Samsung’s Involvement in the Olympic Games
Samsung has been a Worldwide Olympic Partner since the Olympic Winter Games Nagano 1998. For over 20 years, the company’s industry-leading wireless communications equipment has enabled fans and athletes around the world to stay connected and share in the journey to achieve greatness of sportsmanship. For Tokyo 2020, Samsung will help spread the spirit of the Olympic Games through proprietary innovations that are shaping the digital future of the Olympic Games. Samsung’s commitment to the Olympic Movement will continue through to LA2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games in the wireless communications equipment category, including the activation of the Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 5G features of that equipment.

About Samsung’s Involvement in the Paralympic Games
Samsung is a Worldwide Partner of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) in the Wireless Communications Equipment category. Starting from Paralympic Winter Games Torino 2006, Samsung has been a proud supporter of the Paralympic Movement through campaigns that aim to enable athletes and fans around the world to spread the excitement and inspiration of the Games through innovative wireless communication technologies. Samsung’s commitment as a Worldwide Paralympic Partner will continue through to LA2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games in the wireless communications equipment category, including the activation of the Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 5G features of that equipment.

About Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Samsung inspires the world and shapes the future with transformative ideas and technologies. The company is redefining the worlds of TVs, smartphones, wearable devices, tablets, digital appliances, network systems, and memory, system LSI, foundry and LED solutions. For the latest news, please visit the Samsung Newsroom at 


Team Galaxy Members
Name Nationality Event
Suguru Osako Japan  Marathon
Kai Harada Japan Sport Climbing
Sky Brown UK Skateboarding
Dina Asher Smith UK Track & Field
Yeon-Koung Kim Korea Volleyball
Jun Jang Korea Taekwondo
Kyung-Sun Choi Korea Marathon
Carolina Marin Spain Badminton
Ayano Tsujiuchi Japan Swimming (Paralympic)
Jessica Long USA Swimming (Paralympic)
Giseong Jo Korea Swimming (Paralympic)


Team Galaxy Quotes:
Dina Asher-Smith, GB, Track and Field: “I’m very proud to be part of Team Galaxy - a team rooted in defying obstacles and changing the world. Together, we aim to share the Olympic spirit and inspire people to achieve their dreams. Throughout my journey to Tokyo 2020, Samsung’s advanced mobile technology has not only helped me stay connected with my family, friends and fans but has also transformed how I prepare for the Olympic Games."

Suguru Osako, Japan, Marathon: “Samsung continues to enable fans and athletes around the world to stay connected through innovative mobile technology. Being part of Team Galaxy and my partnership with Samsung is very meaningful as I hope to inspire my fellow athletes as I work towards my goal of competing at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.”

Yeon-Koung Kim, Korea, Volleyball: “I am excited to be working with Samsung as a part of Team Galaxy this year. Although my family and fans won’t be there to cheer me on at my third Olympic Games, I am looking forward to sharing my experience, and hopefully victory, through Samsung’s advanced mobile technology.”

Jessica Long, U.S.A., Para Swimming: “I’m proud to partner with Samsung and join Team Galaxy, an incredible group of athletes dedicated to overcoming obstacles and defying barriers. Sport and technology have united us amidst the global pandemic, and after a year of physically being apart, it’s so important for us all to come together and inspire the next generation of incredible athletes.”

Be sure to follow along and learn more about each Team Galaxy athlete and Samsung’s Olympic and Paralympic Games initiatives by visiting the Samsung Galaxy Tokyo 2020 Media Center at


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