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The Perfect Fit

November 19, 2020

As interviewed by the leading lifestyle publication Robb Report, wellness entrepreneur and content creator Hannah Bronfman shares how the Galaxy Z Fold2 helps her get things done with maximum efficiency.

Wellness entrepreneur Hannah Bronfman relies on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 to create lifestyle content beloved by her nearly 700,000 followers.

Split image showing off the convenience of the Galaxy Z Fold2's dual screens when typing long messages, and its powerful rear cameras.

It’s a big month for Hannah Fallis Bronfman. The 33-year-old DJ, entrepreneur and founder of HBFit, a popular health, beauty, and fitness resource, is due to deliver her first child on November 14.

One thing we know for sure: the influencer and social justice advocate is using her new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 to document the start of her journey into parenthood, together with her husband, DJ and influencer Brendan Fallis – both for their own private enjoyment and, eventually, for the nearly 700,000 people who follow her on Instagram.

"We’re in the business of oversharing – me, more than my husband – so we’re definitely going to share some of those moments,” Bronfman says during a phone call in the middle of her third trimester. “We’ll be recording what goes down with the labor and the birth and we’ll figure out, in our time, how we want to edit and share the story.”

Galaxy Z Fold - the Perfect Fit by Robb Report
"Even if there are complications, it’s important for me to be transparent,” she adds. “As a black woman giving birth in New York state, which has such crazy statistics around maternity mortality rates for BIPOC women – who are about 12 times more likely to have complications than white women – it’s important for me to share my birth story, positive or otherwise.”

Bronfman, who spent three years struggling with fertility issues before conceiving her child at the start of this year, has never shied away from being open and honest with her followers. But most would agree that it’s her sunny lifestyle – and prior to this year of lockdown, globe-trotting adventures, from Manhattan to Marrakesh – that form the foundation of her wellness brand and worldwide fan base.

A typical day for Bronfman during this not-so-typical year begins at home with the Galaxy Z Fold2 in hand.

“When I get up, I’ll open up my email and read through my subscribed newsletters,” she says. “It’s quite nice to do that on this phone because a lot link to different speeches or video clips and watching any sort of media on the big screen is really incredible.”

Galaxy Z Fold - the Perfect Fit by Robb Report
Galaxy Z Fold - the Perfect Fit by Robb Report
Galaxy Z Fold - the Perfect Fit by Robb Report
Once she’s checked her to-do list on WhatsApp, Bronfman devotes most of the morning to shooting content for her various social channels using the Galaxy Z Fold2’s cameras to capture photos, which, together with her wellness advice, form the crux of her online presence.

“DJ gigs and appearances have gone out the window, so everything has shifted to content,” Bronfman says. “I have a website,, and it has a newsletter that goes out twice a week. My own newsletter goes out twice a month so we’re constantly writing, reviewing, Slacking. My husband is my videographer and vice versa. We’re like a little content company over here.”

As the day progresses, she runs errands, always keeping an eye on incoming emails – from founders of companies she’s advising or considering as an active angel investor, or from the architect and interior designer currently renovating her and Fallis’ New York City apartment.

Galaxy Z Fold - the Perfect Fit by Robb Report
“We’re constantly communicating through our phones, looking at renderings of nurseries or at websites about how to make the baby’s room at our second home in Long Island feel cozy and comfortable,” Bronfman says.

Between taking strategy calls, drafting influencer gifting lists, and scrutinizing newsletter images and text, Bronfman uses her phone for virtually everything, including her intense fitness regimen.

“In the past, I haven’t used my phone to follow workouts because the screen was so small; instead, I used my computer,” she says. “Now, I use my new Z Fold2.”

Thanks to the phone’s cutting-edge Flex mode, which lets users fold the phone and watch the screen hands-free, she no longer has to go searching for bowls to prop the phone up when she’s following a workout, watching cooking tutorials online (“Just the other day, I pulled up a video on how to braid challah bread”), or learning how to apply makeup or style her hair via YouTube.

Galaxy Z Fold - the Perfect Fit by Robb Report
“The Flex mode is amazing for watching my favorite YouTube channels,” she says, “because I don’t have to make my own rig anymore. If I want to try something out of the ordinary that I want to document, I’ll reference a YouTube tutorial, put the phone into Flex mode, and sit in front of my mirror.”

As she prepares for the baby’s arrival, Bronfman is busy promoting products that she’s had a role in designing, like the new CBD bath bomb she co-created with her friends at Highline Wellness, as well as developing new ones destined to enter the marketplace in 2021.

“In the world of lifestyle marketing, a lot of brands are looking to work alongside this new entry into motherhood,” Bronfman says. “I’m trying to find the balance between taking time off while still creating meaningful content."

Galaxy Z Fold - the Perfect Fit by Robb Report
True to her oversharing MO, Bronfman expects to use the Galaxy Z Fold2 to record this incredible milestone in her and Fallis’ life, from the early stages of labor to the first hours and days she spends with their new baby. “Because the phone gives you access to a camera just on the front without having to open it up,” she says, “it allows you to capture some of those more intimate, candid moments.” 

*This article was originally published on Robb Report
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