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We Tested the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 & It Will Unfold the Future of How You Work

November 6, 2020

Staffers from leading lifestyle publication Highsnobiety share how the Galaxy Z Fold2 has transformed their working lives thanks to the device’s seamless UI, high-quality camera and powerful multitasking capabilities.

Samsung has brought the cell-phone back to the future with the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G: the smartphone that unfolds into a 7.6-inch tablet for a bigger and more functional everyday screen experience. Available now, the Galaxy Z Fold2 is the latest in Samsung’s Galaxy Fold series, with its iconic silhouette that opens and closes like a book. This new design features cutting edge technology, such as the hi-tech hinge that attaches the two panels together, and an ultra-thin glass touch screen that is thinner than a human hair.

To demonstrate the Z Fold2, we handed a phone to four Highsnobiety staffers in four different fields: style editor, photographer, videographer, and creative lead. Each staffer reported back on what they love about the phone, and how it helped them with their tasks. Check out their responses below.

1. Graeme Campbell, Style Editor

“I write a ton on my phone, especially on the go during press trips and fashion week. Writing on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G is the nearest thing to an actual computer. I use Microsoft Office Suite a lot for writing editorials and making presentations with things like Word and PowerPoint, and these work so easily on the phone – I can even have a couple of apps open at the same time. The UI is easy to navigate, and the fact that it can easily be folded up and packed away saves a ton of bag space. The ideal phone for getting stuff done.”

Galaxy Z Fold2 - Highsnobiety

2. Julien Tell, Photographer

"I used the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G camera to leisurely shoot photos of nature outdoors, as well as a still life shoot in the HS studio. What I was most impressed by was the precise detail the camera was able to capture. I mostly played around with the macro and depth of field effects to highlight small details of a subject one normally wouldn’t see with a regular phone camera. These features I found quite powerful.

Shooting in the “flex mode” was also convenient. The benefit of having two screens on a shoot is that it allows you to take photos on one screen while also having a reference of the shots you have already taken, which I found very useful for planning the next shots."

Galaxy Z Fold2 - Highsnobiety
Galaxy Z Fold2 - Highsnobiety
3. Sian O’Flaherty, Creative Lead

“A huge part of my day is finding visual references and photography to create moodboards for upcoming Highsnobiety shoots, so the Galaxy Z Fold2 5G’s multi-active window display has totally changed the game for me. Essentially it acts as a mini moodboard in my pocket where I can look at loads of different images all on the one large screen and overlay them just as I would when making a moodboard. My fave feature is the fade functionality that allows you to overlay images and easily drag and drop them on top of one another for a really creative feel that I’ve never been able to achieve on a phone before. I also love the big screen for viewing mood images and finding inspiration.”

Galaxy Z Fold2 - Highsnobiety
4. Louie McPherson, Videographer

"Fitting a screen like this in your pocket is wild. The camera is amazing, and being able to edit on such a large screen and easily share makes me be able to work anywhere. I am also really excited to spend longer trying out their hands-free camera mode, which is a pretty mad little tool that will definitely elevate the way I work. As soon as I open the phone into tablet mode, all the apps just adapt in the blink of an eye to fit whatever size window I need to work on. Which is good when you have to have about 100 tabs open at the same time as me."

Galaxy Z Fold2 - Highsnobiety
Seamless UI/UX design, powerful camera, great for multi-tasking. It’s the perfect phone to connect deeper with a world that endlessly inspires you. Check it out for yourself!

Words: Jeffery Mack
Photography: © Highsnobiety  

*This article was originally published on Highsnobiety

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