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Over the Horizon 2022 Imagines New World with Jazztronica Melodies and Rotoscope Animation

February 18, 2022

For over a decade now, Samsung’s “Over the Horizon” ringtone has inspired users to create their own epic standards. With a new iteration for each new edition of the Galaxy S series, Samsung has recreated the song with new artists to meet the mood of a changing world.

For the release of the Galaxy S22, Samsung collaborated with a musician and visual artist, pairing the track for the first time ever with an animated film. The latest version, themed “New World,” breathes new life into a post-pandemic world reimagined through jazztronica music and warm illustrations.

The melody’s creator, LA-based Kiefer Shackelford, is a pianist and producer known for his hip-hop melodies and jazz-electronic sound.

“Over the Horizon was a genuinely enjoyable experience for me. A great roster of musicians has been part of the Samsung Galaxy signature ringtone, which gave me the impression that Samsung is looking for some solid music, not just any other ringtone,” he said.

“You have a five to ten-second opportunity to bring a spark to everyone’s day, and I hope this hopeful, optimistic and wistful melody does the trick.”

Bringing Kiefer’s music to the screen are illustrations from fellow Grammy nominated artist and producer Phil Beaudreau.

Beaudreau’s pen pulls us into a familiar world that’s shaken off the dust of the pandemic. His warm, silhouetted characters make us nostalgic for a time where our hands were free to touch and smiles weren’t hidden behind masks, as people dribble basketballs, run through the park, and connect without fear. All this plays out in front of an animated Kiefer and his piano, his jazzy chords seemingly bringing the whole scene to life.

The 2022 version of Over the Horizon imagines a world where we emerge from the pandemic years better than we were – remembering what we’ve learned, reaching out for connection, and ready to rebuild. Paired with the new Galaxy S22 devices, it’s a powerful combination. While the Galaxy S22 gives you the power and freedom to shape your world, the new Over the Horizon pushes us to make that world our best one yet.

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