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Galaxy Unpacked Q&A with Samsung Executives: Democratizing Industry Leading Tech and Setting New Standards

February 11, 2022

At Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event Feb. 10, the company showed off an updated roster of Galaxy devices including the industry-defining Galaxy S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra, as well as the Tab S8, the biggest, boldest, most versatile Samsung tablet yet.

To answer your most pressing questions about Samsung’s mobile product strategy, executives from the MX Business leadership team sat down to chat about the vision that inspired the ecosystem of new devices – democratizing the most advanced innovations so you can change the world with Galaxy in hand.

Q: What is Samsung’s mobile strategy for 2022?
Response by TM Roh, President and Head of MX Business

A: “Our job as mobile technology innovators is to always be a step ahead of what’s changing in the world. In 2022, that means we have the privilege of enabling your everyday productivity, creativity and connectivity. But, more than ever, we have the opportunity to deliver technology that empowers us and you to change the world—for the better.

To push our legacy of progress even further, we intend to shift the very meaning of “mobile” for people everywhere. We will give you more form factor choices by democratizing our industry-leading foldables and setting a new standard with our bar type phones. We will make the “smart” living we all want even more seamless by working with our partners to lead end-to-end ecosystem innovation. We will introduce versatile mobile experiences unlike any other with the S Series. And, most importantly, we will continue to open up the full transformative power of mobile technology to every Galaxy user. The operational excellence of our supply chain and inventory will enable us to bring you new devices as soon as they are available and at scale, so you can put them to work for you.

The year ahead will prove that mobile technology is becoming an even bigger and more important part of our lives. We’re here to ensure that it will also be more fulfilling and impactful.”

Q: Why did you bring Note series features to the S Series?
Response by TM Roh, President and Head of MX Business

A: “The Galaxy Note series is one of our most beloved products, thanks to an incredibly loyal fan base that appreciates the power, performance and productivity Note offers. We’ve listened to them carefully, and we know that they want it all. They are life maximizers that do everything on their mobile devices, from working to sharing their day with their followers. That’s why we’re integrating the most beloved Note features into more device categories, including the S Series, tablets, Z Fold, Galaxy Book and beyond. This enables everyone to get more from their mobile experience and marks the next chapter of the Note legacy.”

Q: In an industry where companies want to keep people locked into their ecosystem, why is Samsung going against the grain by championing openness?
Response by TM Roh, President and Head of MX Business

A: “The philosophy behind the Galaxy Ecosystem is simple: We believe openness drives meaningful progress for more people. And it starts with giving people the flexibility to define their own mobile experience. That’s why we lead the industry in bringing ground-breaking innovations, like foldables, 5G and sustainable materials to market faster than anyone else. We also believe innovation is more successful when we collaborate with partners and openly share our ideas to achieve more widespread progress. We are committed to creating new technologies, improving the mobile experience, and enabling people to use our technology for good, because life opens up with Galaxy.”

Q: Who is Galaxy S22 series for?
Response by Stephanie Choi, EVP & CMO of MX Business

A: “With the Galaxy S22 series, we designed a smartphone that would redefine its category. We set out to break the rules of what you thought mobile technology could do and, in turn, what you can do with mobile technology. In short, the Galaxy S22 series is for everyone. We want you to take the things you do every single day with your smartphone and make them even more epic. Like having video calls so lifelike it feels like you’re in the same room. Or sharing the clearest photos you’ve ever taken—day or night. On top of that, the most powerful Galaxy processor and Ultra’s built-in S Pen will take your productivity and creativity to new heights. The Galaxy S22 series represents a new standard for smartphones, packed with the best hardware and software innovations that offer something for everyone.”

Q: What are Samsung’s plans for Galaxy for the Planet in 2022?
Response by Stephanie Choi, EVP & CMO of MX Business

A: “The fact that every company must act on behalf of our planet’s future is indisputable. As a mobile technology leader, Samsung has a responsibility to innovate eco-consciously, and we work together with global partners and the entire Galaxy community to generate even bigger change. Through Galaxy for the Planet, we’re harnessing our innovation, scale and open collaborations to minimize our environmental impact while helping people everywhere adopt more eco-friendly lifestyles. In 2022, we’re delivering on this mission by pioneering new eco-conscious materials that will transform our devices’ footprints. This starts with discarded fishing nets – by the end of this year, Samsung’s use of ocean-bound plastics across our product lineup could help recover more than 50 tons of discarded fishing nets.”

Q: What differentiates the Ultra series from the rest of the Galaxy portfolio?
Response by KJ Kim, EVP & Head of Mobile R&D Office for MX Business

A: “The Ultra series embodies our promise to deliver the most premium mobile devices available today. Ultra is where we push innovation to the limit, creating products that set a new standard for the rest of the industry. They have the best performance and speed of our fastest chips yet and an NPU with even better AI processing power. They create the clearest photos and videos. They have a distinctive design with the biggest, boldest, yet thinnest displays. And like every Galaxy device, Ultra is supported by a seamless One UI experience.

Look at the Galaxy S22 Ultra, for example. We integrated the fan-favorite S Pen into the S Series for the first time ever, creating an entirely new experience that perfectly marries creativity and powerful productivity. Then there’s the new Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, which tears up the rulebook of what a tablet can be with our most immersive tablet display ever. Ultra is Galaxy at its absolute best, designed for Galaxy power users who need it all.”

Q: How do the new Galaxy Tab S8, S8+ and S8 Ultra fit into Samsung’s 2022 roadmap?
Response by Harksang Kim, EVP & Head of New Computing R&D Team for MX Business

A: “Tablets have been part of the Galaxy ecosystem for more than a decade. However, as the world rapidly transformed these past two years, tablets took on a new role in our lives. The versatility of tablets enable an integrated mobile technology experience that is essential in a hybrid world. The Tab S8, S8+ and our first-ever Tab S8 Ultra break the rules for tablets. The S8 Series takes tablet functionality—for work, play, creating and connecting—to the next level. With powerful computing, an intuitive experience with One UI 4 Tab and the biggest, boldest display available today, the Galaxy Tab S8 is a true productivity, creativity and performance powerhouse. Backed by a seamless ecosystem that spans all your Galaxy devices, our tablets open up new possibilities and experiences for everyone in this hybrid world.”