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Opening Accessible Communication Through Galaxy Technology

May 16, 2024

This Global Accessibility Awareness Day, learn how Samsung is striving to make the world more accessible

Mobile technology is a powerful tool, delivering connection, creativity, entertainment and information. It is essential to how we communicate with friends, family, and the world around us, and we believe that everyone should have equitable access to it.

At Samsung, we design meaningful, human-centric innovations that offer people greater control and more enriching experiences in their daily lives. Through a variety of Galaxy features – from simple, easy device gestures to auditory assistants and vision enhancements – we strive to open access to technology that works for people of all abilities.

To celebrate this year’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day, let’s take a look at some of these features and how we continue to bridge barriers.

Making the Galaxy Experience More Accessible

Adding Clarity with Relumino Mode

Born out of Samsung's in-house incubator, Relumino Mode was designed to improve the lives of those with low vision by increasing the visibility of on-screen text and images. This feature enhances the screen’s contrast and brightness and sharpens image outlines and shapes, enabling users to easily discern content on their devices.

To understand our users’ perspectives and needs, we collaborated with advisors with low vision, researchers, engineers, programmers and testers to develop a solution for inclusive visual displays. Relumino Mode is the product of years of research and development to advance Samsung’s goal of providing “Screens for All” and improving the viewing experience for those with limited vision. This new feature is available in the Samsung Galaxy S24 series and beyond.

From following a ball during a sports match to reading smaller text on a news broadcast, Relumino Modehelps users with low vision to connect with the world and enjoy content that matters most to them.

Enabling Relumino:

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Providing Audio Descriptions with TalkBack
The TalkBack2 feature, also known as Voice Assistant, is designed to help users with low or no vision to get the most out of their device experience without looking at their screens. This feature transforms Galaxy smartphones and tablets into an intuitive audio interface. As users navigate their devices, Talkback can provide speech feedback for anything they touch, highlight or select, such as menus, emails and notifications. TalkBack shortcuts can also be enabled for more seamless navigation.

Navigating the screen is simple. With easy-to-use gestures, such as Swipe Left, Double Tap, or Use Two Fingers To Scroll, TalkBack provides users the freedom to control their devices conveniently.

Turning on TalkBack:
1) Launch the Settings app, and then select Accessibility
2) Tap 'TalkBack'
3) Tap the switch to activate TalkBack 

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Bringing Media to Life with Live Captions
Live Captionshelps those who are hard of hearing to follow their favorite media and audio content effortlessly. The feature transcribes audio as it plays through the device in real-time. With Live Captions, users can better enjoy videos, podcasts, phone and video calls, audio messages and voicemails. 
Live Captions are available in English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish4

Activating Live Captions:
1) Open Device Settings
2) Tap on Accessibility
3) Tap on Hearing Enhancements
4) Turn on Live Caption

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Fostering Inclusivity Through Accessories and Wearables

Amplifying the World with Ambient Sound

The Galaxy Buds2 Pro features an Ambient Sound setting that adapts background noise at five levels of amplification5, which is designed to cater to a diverse range of needs and situations. This feature gives users the ability to customize how they want to hear and experience sound. From making a conversation more audible to increasing the noise of traffic at a crosswalk, the Ambient Sound feature allows users to participate in social interactions while being aware of their surroundings.

Setting up Ambient Sound:
1) Insert both Buds into your ears
2) Open the Galaxy Wearable app
3) Tap on Earbud settings
4) Tap on Accessibility
5) Tap the Ambient Sound button

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Reimagining your Galaxy Watch with Universal Gestures6
Universal Gestures offers an innovative way to use your Galaxy Watch touch-free. With four intuitive gestures, Make Fist, Make Fist Twice, Pinch and Double Pinch, users can navigate their Galaxy interface, open apps, scroll messages and more, without needing to push down or touch the screen with force.

Prompting Universal Gestures:
1) Open Device Settings
2) Tap on Accessibility
3) Scroll to the Interaction and Dexterity Section
4) Turn Universal Gestures on

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A Better World for Everyone

Samsung is on a journey to advance a more inclusive and sustainable future through our innovations, and open collaborations, and will continue to take steps in delivering accessibility features to our devices, so more people can enjoy what our Galaxy products have to offer. The work does not end here.

For more information, visit our Galaxy Mobile Accessibility page.

Relumino Mode is available on Galaxy S24 series operating on One UI 6.1 or above.
Talkback is available on all Galaxy smartphones.
Live Caption is available on Galaxy smartphones with 4GB memory or higher.
Additional languages will be available in coming updates.
Additional two levels can be activated in the Laboratory – Ambient Sound menu under Earbuds settings in the Galaxy Wearable app.
Universal Gesture is available on Galaxy Watch6, Watch5 and Watch4 series with One UI 5 Watch.

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