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Find the Right Galaxy Book for You: A Buyers Guide to the Galaxy Book Series

November 19, 2021

The latest Galaxy Book line-up combines the power of a PC with features that deliver an even better mobile experience. But with so many options to choose from, which one is right for you?

To stay productive in the new world of work from home and remote learning, users are now looking for all-in-one PCs that can deliver seamless communication, powerful productivity, and immersive entertainment. Samsung has answered that call with the latest Galaxy Book Series.

Including the Galaxy Book Pro 360, Galaxy Book Pro, Galaxy Book Odyssey, and Galaxy Book, the latest line-up combines the power of a PC with features that deliver an even better mobile experience. With ultra slim designs and features like advanced connectivity, Link to Windows, and SmartThings, the Galaxy Book Series has something for everyone.

But with so many options to choose from, which one is right for you? In this article, we’ll help you pick the best Galaxy Book Series PC for your needs.

Galaxy Book Pro 360

One of the thinnest and lightest 2-in-1 PC the Galaxy Book Pro 360 takes mobility to the next level. Featuring an ultra-lightweight design and S Pen, the Galaxy Book Pro 360 fits comfortably in your bag so you can take it anywhere you go.

Whether you’re a writer, educator, or artist, the new S Pen and tablet mode on the Galaxy Book Pro 360 open up new possibilities for both creativity and productivity. Designed to be more ergonomic and responsive, artists can use the S Pen in the upgraded PENUP app to explore their creativity. Clip Studio Paint1 is also available to Galaxy Book Pro 360 users, allowing you to paint with the same brushes often used by professional illustrators.

But tablet mode and the S Pen aren’t just for artists. Students, professors, and journalists working on the go will find taking notes and marking up documents a breeze using the S Pen and Samsung Notes.

Galaxy Book Pro 360 infographic with key specs
Galaxy Book Pro

Commuters, digital nomads, and anyone traveling frequently for work or leisure will rejoice at the power and mobility of the Galaxy Book Pro. At just 11.2mm thick and weighing in at 868g, the Galaxy Book Pro 13.3-inch model is the thinnest and lightest model of the Galaxy Book Series.

Paired with its powerful discrete graphics, advanced processor, and fast-charging battery, the Galaxy Book Pro is the ultimate PC for creatives. The 15.6-inch model’s exceptional graphics card delivers improved performance for faster video and photo editing on the go, making it the perfect device for photographers, vloggers, and video creators looking to get work done from anywhere.

Not only does it deliver fast performance, the Galaxy Book Pro also comes armed with a wide variety of ports for all your needs including Thunderbolt 4, USB Type-C, MicroSD card reader, nano SIM slot, and a 3.5pi Headphone jack.

Like the Galaxy Book Pro 360, the Galaxy Book Pro comes equipped with a stunning AMOLED display to take your on-the-go entertainment to the next level. Complemented by the immersive audio of AKG Dolby Atmos, the Galaxy Book Pro lets you take premium entertainment to the office, café and anywhere in between for when you need a break from work and studying.

Galaxy Book Pro infographic with key specs
Galaxy Book Odyssey

Built for performance, the Galaxy Book Odyssey’s full-metal body fits seamlessly into both the board room and your home gaming station.

Equipped with an advanced processor and a powerful discrete graphics card, the Galaxy Book Odyssey is made for handling more demanding computing tasks, from high-quality gaming to crunching data.

Whether you are fighting boss battles or hammering out a report for work, the Galaxy Book Odyssey comes with an enhanced, backlit keyboard with wider, curved keycaps for a better typing experience. Best of all, its long-lasting battery and 135W fast charging mean you don’t have to worry about running out of juice, even when you are using your PC for more demanding tasks.

Combined with all of the core features of the Galaxy Book Series, the Galaxy Book Odyssey is the perfect PC for casual gamers, and streamers, and anyone that needs a little more power for their daily workflow.

Galaxy Book Odyssey infographic with key specs
Galaxy Book

The Galaxy Book is the perfect hub for your Galaxy ecosystem. It combines a thin, light design with powerful hardware and software features to deliver high-quality computing experiences without breaking the bank.

Setting up the Galaxy Book as your Galaxy ecosystem hub is simple and stress free. Smart Switch lets you transfer files, content, and even settings directly from your old PC to the Galaxy Book so you can get your new device up and running in no time. Meanwhile, sharing content to other Galaxy devices is also easier on the Galaxy Book thanks to Quick Share. Even without a Wi-Fi connection, you can still transfer files or folders to nearby devices in a flash.

Combined with the foundational software features of the Galaxy Book Series like Link to Windows, Easy Bluetooth connection, and Second screen extension mode with your Galaxy Tab, the Galaxy Book is the perfect all-around device for today’s digital world. Whether you are looking for a reliable PC for making video calls with family and friends, or a work device that lets you connect with colleagues on the go, the Galaxy Book has all the features you’ll need.

Galaxy Book infographic with key specs

1 Clip Studio Paint available to Galaxy Book Pro 360 users for free for a limited period. Offer may vary by market.

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