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Top Media Reviewers Have Their Say on Samsung’s All-New Galaxy Book Lineup

May 24, 2021

From their super-light and ultra-portable design to their powerful ecosystem connectivity and performance, reviewers have been raving about the all-new Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book lineups.

On April 28, Samsung introduced its latest Galaxy Book lineup, designed to reshape the PC for today’s mobile-first consumers. Since the launch of the latest Galaxy Book and Galaxy Book Pro devices, reviewers from top media outlets have been praising the lineup’s powerful performance, ultra-portable design and leading ecosystem connectivity that offers seamless inter-device operation.

Take a look at the quotes below to learn more about what reviewers have been saying about the all-new Galaxy Book and Galaxy Book Pro lineups.

Android Headlines
"Samsung's New Laptops Are Perfect For Work From Home & On-The-Go Consumers"

Digital Trends
“The new Samsung Galaxy Book Pro isn’t just thin. It’s shockingly thin.”

"The real magic of these systems is combining this level of thinness with good specs, strong build quality, and excellent portability."

The Verge
"These are already impressive machines with a reasonable price tag. They’re unbelievably light, they’re well-built, and they have great screens.”

Tom’s Guide
"These new notebooks are exciting because they look thin, light, and (if configured appropriately) powerful -- three compelling qualities shared by the best laptops on the market."

Trusted Reviews
“It’s the glorious AMOLED display that’s the special sauce feature here.”

Windows Central
"Samsung seems to be bringing the full force of its ecosystem to these laptops."

"The new Galaxy machines are the work of a huge collaboration between Samsung, Intel and Microsoft, with a goal to create a more connected device that can be used anywhere and one that can work seamlessly with your Samsung smartphone."

Laptop Mag
"The result is a laptop display exploding with vibrant colors; even app icons are given new life with beautiful saturation. I could heap praises all day."


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