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Voices of Galaxy: Meet the Scientific Illustrator and Marine Wildlife Artist Who Uses Art to Reconnect People With the Ocean

September 27, 2023

Voices of Galaxy is a series of real stories spotlighting Samsung Galaxy users who use their passion, creativity and determination along with technology to make a positive impact on their own lives and their communities.

Image to illustrate the scientific illustrator and marine wildlife artist, Rachel Brooks, who uses art to reconnect people with the ocean
Scientific illustrator, zoologist and marine wildlife artist Rachel Brooks has witnessed the destructive impact of humans on the world’s oceans throughout her eight years in the diving industry.

A shark enthusiast who is particularly fond of the endangered basking shark, Rachel is passionate about using art to raise awareness for the plight of marine life everywhere and to help people understand the vital role sharks play in the ecosystems they are a part of.

Together with shark-focused charities such as Saving the Blue and Oceanic 31, Rachel shares her pieces online and displays them in galleries reconnecting people with the oceans, sparking dialogue about conservation and even raising funds for charitable projects through auctions of her artwork.

Rachel’s pointillist style brings sharks to life on the canvas with a meticulousness that draws viewers in and encourages them to spend time examining ocean life in all its unique detail. Employing a range of techniques to illustrate these diverse, fascinating and gentle sea creatures, she regularly incorporates technology into her creative process. The Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra and S Pen’s numerous creative capabilities help Rachel express her highly detailed style and more easily craft and share her pieces with the wider world. To learn more about her art and activism, watch the full Voices of Galaxy installment below.

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