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Tech Reviewers Have Their Say on Galaxy Z Fold2

November 10, 2020

From its powerful multitasking features to its pioneering design, tech reveiwers around the world have been praising Samsung’s third-generation foldable device, Galaxy Z Fold2.

The latest of Samsung’s next-generation foldable devices, Galaxy Z Fold2 is packed full of meaningful innovations designed to push the boundaries of mobile experiences. Following its release last month, tech reviewers around the world have praised Galaxy Z Fold2’s powerful performance, leading multitasking functionalities and the one-of-a-kind experience it offers users.

Take a look at the quotes below to learn more about what leading tech reviewers have to say about Galaxy Z Fold2.


Trusted Reviews
"Samsung has once again added some clever software tricks so that you can take selfies with the rear cameras by flipping the screen around."

"The one piece of tech that has truly wowed us in 2020" 09/2020

Tom's Guide
"The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 is the quintessential example of a company listening to its customers." 10/2020

Unbox Therapy
"It's incredible how different [the hinge] feels. It's such an improvement. My goodness it feels polished."

Tom's Guide
"The Galaxy Z Fold2's Flex mode gives this foldable phone a lot of versatility." 10/2020

The Guardian
"The foldable has the highest performance available in any Android smartphone or tablet."

"The Z Fold2 is a pioneer of the post-phone era. The Z Fold2 offers an experience unlike anything else on the market."

Marques Brownlee
"the screens, pretty sweet, thumbs up from me."

The Verge
"It's impressive because once you understand Samsung's concepts for multitasking, there's virtually no limit to what you can do."

The Verge
"One notable feature is the speaker setup: the Z Fold2 has stereo speakers, and they get very loud and sound quite good."

"It is a great multitasking machine that'll let you interact with multiple apps at the same time."

"Gaming on [the Galaxy Z Fold2] is going to be really really cool."