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Reviews on the Galaxy Note20 Series: Part 2

September 11, 2020

More glowing reviews about the Galaxy Note20 series have rolled in. Check them out here.

"The Galaxy Note20 Ultra has become a fully armed and operational battle station, and it’s the true heir to the empire."

Android Headlines
"Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Review: The New Smartphone King Has Arrived."

"The Galaxy Note20 Ultra is the phone that can do everything, and do it all well.

Unbox Therapy
"Samsung is pitching this device as a work device, as a do everything device, as a substitute even for a dedicated computer with DeX or in integration into Windows with their recent collaboration with Microsoft. Of course there's the gaming side too. I think this could be a nice device for gaming." 

"It’s a very vibrant and nice-looking OLED Display...You also get a sense here for how much bigger the display dimension is on the Note Series. You notice it. It really goes edge to edge. It’s a perfect rectangle."

Tom's Guide
"The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is the pinnacle of phablets."

Trusted Reviews
"If any phone was deserving of the term super flagship, then the Note20 Ultra is that phone."

"The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra checks off a lot of bests for new phones in 2020, including the best camera on an Android phone and the best-looking display on any phone, period."

"The Note20 Ultra is a fantastic phone."

"The Note20 Ultra is without question Samsung's best phone in years. If you want Samsung’s very best, this phone is it."

"And what a screen the Note20 Ultra has! It’s so big, so sharp, and so bright (peaks at 1,500 nits). At this point, is there even any doubt Samsung really knows how to make terrific phone displays?"

"But truly, no other device combines phone, tablet, and what we used to call pocket PC into such a consistently capable communicator."

"I’m a really big fan of this design aesthetic. It looks really futuristic and clean. I think you will dig it. This entire finish looks incredible."


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