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Openness: Galaxy Designed to Make Your Every Galaxy Experience Open New Doors

June 1, 2021

Samsung introduces a new brand film based on the brand promise of ‘openness’, making your every Galaxy experience truly your own and opening new doors.

Open. It’s how we’re all born. Compatible with anything, receptive to everything. Openness is what pushes us forward and sets us free. And that’s why Galaxy exists: to make the latest innovations available to all, and invite everyone to experience them. Galaxy unites you with the people and devices you love, while connecting to the things you already have.

Samsung is unveiling a new brand film for Galaxy, driven by the idea that you should be able to do what you want with your mobile device, making the mobile experience truly ‘your own’ — make it look the way you want, act the way you like and perform the way you need.

This promise of openness will be the lens through which we will inject and translate all our activities in various Galaxy touchpoints moving forward. 

Check out the video that manifests our brand promise of openness below.



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