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August 20, 2018

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Design Story; The Galaxy Watch has gone through a transformative refinement process inspired by the fashion-forward lifestyles

Galaxy Watch design story

Individuality is of utmost importance for millennials, and for them, a wearable device should not be limited to simply making everyday life smarter. Inspired by the desires of millennials to become set apart from the crowd and create their own unique lifestyles, the Galaxy Watch has gone through another sturdy process of refinement. The unique design of the bezel and the brilliance of the newly enhanced intelligent Circular UX demand the attention of those who desire novelty. We hereby introduce the all-new Galaxy Watch that has gone through a remarkable evolution to accompany energetic moments, meaningful days, and charismatic lives.

Galaxy Watch design story

Galaxy Watch, Expanding the Horizons of Style

There probably aren’t as many people who put on a watch only to check time. The wristwatch has gone above and beyond its archaic role following its integration with smart technology. With a refined design that seeks to preserve the essence of the ‘Watch-ness’ and the Circular UX that opened a new paradigm for user experiences, Samsung Electronics left an unforgettable impression in the field of wearable devices.

Galaxy Watch design story

A deeper focus on sportiness and more finely detailed sensibilities of a real watch redefine the Galaxy Watch. The Galaxy Watch is both a wearable device and an accessory that is capable of simultaneously exuding a classical and modern presence. State-of-the-art technology has been concentrated and condensed into the beautiful form of the Galaxy Watch to accompany the daily lives of millennials, becoming a key ingredient for a unique life that is not bound to conformity.

Whether you’re enjoying refreshing beach activities, concentrating on your work in an office, or beaming with energy in a heated concert, smart technology continues behind the scene. Regardless of time and place, the Galaxy Watch on your wrist will always radiate its unique charm and style for you.

 Galaxy Watch design story

The Refined Essence of the Galaxy Watch

Individuality, innovation, and refinement for perfection were part of the Galaxy Watch as it progressed over the years. Endless contemplation and the fierce passion of designers lie at the center of this process. We asked designers about the journey of creating the perfect daily watch that completes your look whether you’re wearing a fancy suit or keeping it casual, while empowering everyday lives with smart technology and brilliant style.

Q. There are lots of special things about the Galaxy Watch. It showcases a wide array of selections that wasn’t available before, such as coming in two different sizes and various colors. What kinds of changes were made to its outer design?

Galaxy Watch design story

A. The newest Galaxy Watch design focused on millennials, a generation that prioritizes stylishness and loves being active without bounds. Our answer to the needs of this generation was an outer design that covers a wide range of styles from classical moods with elegance to casual moods with a dose of freedom. We also made sure to inherit the legacy of the real watch philosophy we held over the years to instill a more perfected identity of the watch.

Whereas the previous model featured a more masculine identity with its weighty body and bold thickness, the Galaxy Watch puts focus on micro details to create a more sensitive design. This design has a tight-knit and low-cut knurling finish of the bezel to minimize malfunctions and create a natural style suitable for women as well.

The design embodies the spirit of activeness, inspired by the remarkably sporty racing watch. The index design with the inverted triangle is one of the results of this design. The tip of the index triangle is designed to precisely align with the hands of the watch so that users can accurately tell time even in active and dynamic conditions. 

Q. We think the strap is another important component that accentuates the Galaxy Watch’s design.

Galaxy Watch design story

A.Yes. We tried to capture not only the style of the Galaxy Watch but also the various preferences of our users with the strap. The silicon strap features a new stripe pattern design that wraps around your wrist to express a sense of speediness and activity. Furthermore, each product comes with straps in multiple colors, which users can mix and match with the body to give a unique makeover of the Galaxy Watch’s mood.

The 46mm Silver’s Onyx Black, Deep Ocean Blue, and Basalt Gray straps bring an exquisite finish to the product’s charm. The 42mm Midnight Black comes with Onyx Black, Lunar Gray, Terracotta Red, Lime Yellow, and Cosmo Purple straps, and the 42mm Rose Gold can be paired with Pink Beige, Cloud Gray, and Natural Brown straps for users to blend different colors and express distinctive moods for every occasion. These colorful Galaxy Watch straps can be matched with the Galaxy Note9’s case as well, so users can stylize their smartphone and smart watch with a singular visual identity.

 Q. As a wearable device, aspects related to hardware, such as battery life, must have been taken into consideration.

Galaxy Watch design story

A. That’s right. The Galaxy Watch isn’t a device you can easily and regularly charge as you would with a smartphone, so there have always been consumer needs for longer battery life. That’s why we put in a lot of effort regarding the battery every time we released a new product in the series and have extended the battery life each time as a result. For the Galaxy Watch, you will once again experience a longer battery life compared to previous models.

You can correctly assume that the Galaxy Watch’s hardware has gone through a comprehensive transformation. The most noticeable part is the sensor located on the back of the product. We increased the number of rear sensors that touch the body to more precisely and quickly detect information regarding user conditions. On the other hand, we decreased the surface area of the sensor that touches the skin and designed it to protrude slightly to better detect user conditions while eliminating inconveniences such as the accumulation of humidity.

Galaxy Watch design story


Galaxy Watch design story

Notable UX Keywords for the Galaxy Watch

The key component that makes the Galaxy Watch’s signature, circular bezel design shine with more radiance is the ingenious Circular UX that lies within. Using five main keywords, let’s look at the Galaxy Watch’s new and improved UX that has been finely crafted with functions that are much more useful and intuitive.

 Galaxy Watch design storyGainliness
The new watch face design, which serves as the symbolic countenance of the Galaxy Watch, establishes a stylistic flow that connects with the shape of the product. The diverse watch face designs can be stylized in countless ways, and by featuring a screen similar to an actual watch, the device elevates real watch sensibilities and provides an experience no different from wearing a real watch.

The UX has been optimized based on the circular layout to waste no space and provide increased visibility of information and letters even on a small screen. Through Text Sliding and Auto Resizing, users can adjust the size of letters or slide through different information so that they never miss even a single piece of content.

Experiences from the many different devices of Samsung Electronics can seamlessly connect to the Galaxy Watch. Major features of the screen and its icons, such as My Photo+, have been designed in adherence to the Galaxy Note9’s style and color scheme to maintain a consistent visual experience. Additionally, you can use and control multiple devices with the Galaxy Watch without having to unlock each device. The Galaxy Watch will be the key you need to traverse through the wide selection of Samsung Electronics devices.

Galaxy Watch design story

From a smiling icon that pops up when the battery is fully charged to tutorial animations that teach users how to exercise, the many different enjoyable and sentimental visuals featured on the Galaxy Watch provide users with a profound sense of joy. Furthermore, by integrating the sound of a ticking clock that can be heard when a user puts their ear close to the watch, we made sure to capture the auditory sentiments of a real watch.

The Galaxy Watch also empathizes with those who have limited sensory perception. The device has been instilled with thoughtfulness so that more people can conveniently use the device. The screen reader function has been improved to provide a friendly and detailed guide to users when the function is selected. Also, we’ve included more screen zoom-in ratios, and the ability to see zoomed-in content by scrolling the bezel to help those who are visually impaired precisely check time and other information.

Galaxy Watch design story

A Smart Guide to Using the Galaxy Watch

A wearable device that can only execute functions or commands that have been inputted by a user is no longer a new thing. The Galaxy Watch explores new functions for its user and is equipped with a transcendent UX that suggests functions categorized based on different situations. How can the evolution of the intelligent Galaxy Watch transform our everyday lives? Check out these suggestions from a designer on how to use the Galaxy Watch to perfect your own smart and spectacular life style.

Pick 1. A Smart Way to Manage Time with the Galaxy Watch
How great would it be if someone gave you a clear-cut briefing of your tasks for the day? The Galaxy Watch goes beyond its basic role of just telling you time and helps you plan and efficiently use your time as well.

Galaxy Watch design story

> My Day Watch: Your schedule for the day can be displayed based on the pertaining times on the watch face.

> Daily Briefing: Every morning, you can be briefed on weather and health information. At night, a summarized report of your health throughout the day and reminders for uncompleted tasks will help you efficiently manage time with just your Galaxy Watch alone. The device pairs with the Galaxy Series so that you can easily check schedules you saved on your phone through the Galaxy Watch.

> Dual Time Watch: A function useful for travelers and global business professionals, this helps users check times from different time zones all at once on the watch face. When the watch detects that a user’s time zone has changed, it preemptively suggests the Dual Time Watch.

Pick 2. Quickly Shift Modes to Wholly Focus on Your Needs
The Galaxy Watch once again carefully deliberated on the needs of our users and the different situations they face each day. User convenience has been enhanced through the ability to quickly shift through different modes to accommodate different situations, which helps users wholly focus on the moments of these situations.

 Galaxy Watch design story

> Theater Mode: The smart watch screen is always brightly lit, which can cause inconvenience for users depending on the situation they are in. The Theater Mode prevents all elements of interruption, such as light or alarms, when users are in a theater.

> Goodnight Mode: Whether you’re sleeping or simply want to get some uninterrupted rest, the Goodnight Mode will make sure you’re not bothered by any alarms other than the ones you’ve set yourself.

Pick 3. A Personally Customized Way to Care for Your Health
The lifestyles of millennials place importance in the values of happiness experienced from ordinary occurrences of everyday life, and this mindset directly leads to their increased interest in the wellness of both body and mind. The Galaxy Watch will detect a user’s physical condition and help maintain healthy day-to-day lives.

Galaxy Watch design story

> Stress Tracker: This tracker will check your stress levels and help manage it through stress-relieving breathing exercises. When using the consecutive tracking settings, you can see the real-time trends of your stress level.

> Sleep Tracker: Your sleep patterns are tracked automatically and analyzed into four different stages to help you organize and manage your sleep cycle better.

> Various Workouts: The Galaxy Watch’s fitness function now features 39 total exercises, which is a powerful upgrade from the previous selection of only 18 exercises. You can choose and edit an exercise and gradually build up your own exercise report.

> Back-to-back Workout: Once an exercise is over, you can designate the next exercise through a questionnaire so that your workout routine carries on without pausing. Even if you do multiple exercises, your records will be tracked through the multiple workout report which can help you maintain a well-organized workout routine all on your own.

Even in a fast-changing world, the individuality of life must go on. From simply being a wearable device that accentuates your wrist, the Galaxy Watch now brings completion to a smart lifestyle that begins from your wrist. The Galaxy Watch will continue to advance to accompany millennials that never ceases to take on new challenges toward the unknown.

Galaxy Watch design story

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