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How Samsung is Shaping the Future of Business with its Mobile B2B Solutions at IFA 2019

September 6, 2019

At IFA this year, Samsung announces the launch of the SoftPOS solution based on its partnership with First Data, PayCore and Visa

Samsung Electronics’ B2B devices and solutions are developed for the new way business is done today. Thanks to an extensive global partner network and a supply chain that runs from R&D through to network, Samsung’s mobile B2B strategy is open, innovative and secure. From the retail, transportation, healthcare and finance industries through to the public service and government industries, Samsung is paving the way in industry to keep businesses connected, securely and safely.

IFA 2019
At IFA this year, Samsung has announced the launch of the SoftPOS solution based on their partnership with First Data, PayCore and Visa. Requiring no additional hardware, this mobile device solution easily and securely transforms Samsung mobile handsets into Europay/MasterCard/Visa (EMV)-based contactless payment terminals and is set to lead a mobile retail revolution. Supported by Samsung Knox, Samsung’s SoftPOS supports all global payment schemes and is compatible with all Sams­­­­ung mobile devices1 and existing mobile EMV payment options.

But this SoftPOS solution is not the only leading B2B solution being showcased at IFA. Samsung Newsroom invites you to take a closer look at the full range of Samsung’s latest mobile B2B solutions. 

Solutions and Devices Designed to Meet Enterprise Needs

At IFA, Samsung is showcasing a product portfolio replete with the latest in durable products and solutions designed for the full gamut of working conditions and situations.

This portfolio is helmed by three devices custom-built for rugged lifestyles; the Galaxy Tab Active Pro, Galaxy XCover 4s and the Galaxy XCover FieldPro. These sturdy devices are appropriate not only for harsher working conditions, but also fit for the modern needs of a wide range of industries, from public service and automobile to retail and conference.

IFA 2019
The Galaxy Tab Active Pro is the latest in the Galaxy Tab Active range set for release in later this fall. This 10-inch tablet is unique in its suitability for business as well as rugged work conditions, and delivers an immersive viewing experience thanks to its larger display fitted with a variety of solutions that enable users to engage more efficiently when undertaking business. The Galaxy Tab Active Pro also supports Samsung DeX, meaning that workers in the field can now access a PC-like experience on-site or at the office.

IFA 2019
The compact, rugged Galaxy XCover 4s boasts both durability and portability with its 5.0-inch screen, 16-megapixel front camera, IP68 water and dust rating, and removable battery. Samsung has also developed a solution to help ensure the safety of workers from the public service industry to the logistics industry – the Galaxy XCover FieldPro. The Galaxy XCover FieldPro provides water and dust resistance (IP68) and also complies with the United States Military Standard MIL-STD 810G. The Galaxy XCover FieldPro is also fitted with a Push-To-All button and an Emergency button to allow the option of Push-to-talk (PTT) communication featuring interwork with third-party PTT solution partners. The resulting solution is a PTT mobile application that offers a range of communication options, including Lone Worker Protection and GPS Localization.

In order to best meet the diverse needs of all B2B customers, Samsung has collaborated with a variety of partners to create leading device convergence solutions, a range of which are on display at IFA 2019:

  • Integrated Tablet Case and Cradle Workstation: This market-first solution was designed to improve tablet users’ productivity as well as providing rugged protection while on the go. Thanks to the integrative connectivity of Samsung DeX, the cradle workstation means that the Galaxy Tab Active Pro can be easily docked to a monitor for seamless productivity.

    IFA 2019

  • AR Platform: This augmented reality (AR) solution was designed to provide easy mobile information share to any enterprise, as well as specifically for industries that involve the repair of objects. The AR platform for mobile devices lets users aggregate information and create step-by-step manuals for the maintenance of any object, accessible anywhere, anytime.
  • Docking and Mounting Station: For those industries that involve a transit-based working environment, Samsung has developed a docking and mounting station for any vehicle and mounting application. This station is lightweight and rugged, streamlining the productivity of a working environment.

    IFA 2019

  • Thermal Imaging Technology Solution: Thermal Imaging Technology provides a range of uses and benefits to many industries from public service through to construction. The solution lets workers turn their Galaxy XCover 4s or Galaxy Tab Active Pro into a powerful thermal imaging camera, a solution perfect for quickly detecting faults, water damage, energy loss and even animals and people in dark working conditions.
  • Barcode/RFID Scanning Solution: For use in the retail as well as the warehousing and construction industries, Samsung has developed a barcode/RFID scanning solution for the Galaxy XCover 4s and the Galaxy Tab Active2 that provides professional barcode scanning and long and short range RFID reading optimized for streamlined, fast and accurate data transmission.

Secure, Connected, and Collaborative Solutions

IFA 2019
Samsung’s IFA 2019 B2B booth is also showcasing the company’s leading B2B device and solution convergence capabilities, founded on the defense-grade security of the Samsung Knox platform.

Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition is Samsung’s comprehensive mobile security solution for businesses in all sectors. It is equipped with Samsung Knox security, including the over-the-air bulk configuration and customization feature, Knox Configure. Knox Configure ensures that mobile devices used for specific business contexts can be quickly set up, synced, branded and transformed into professional kiosk devices with as little friction as possible.

Samsung Knox Enterprise Firmware Over the Air (E-FOTA) is another of Samsung’s leading B2B security solutions. With Knox E-FOTA, an IT admin can remotely control OS security updates and manage a stable IT environment on workforce devices.

Developed for when technical difficulties arise at the workplace, Samsung Enterprise Technical Support (ETS) is a premium technical support service product for businesses. ETS offers a wide range of support capabilities thanks to Samsung’s unique position in developing hardware, OS and enhanced security solutions. With each business granted a single point of contact within Samsung’s team of mobility experts, ETS provides custom solutions and troubleshooting, should the need arise.

James Pak, Vice President of B2B Product Management Group at Samsung Electronics said of the promising future of Samsung’s B2B solutions; “Samsung continues to lead the enterprise mobility market with innovative solutions and an open partner ecosystem. Our latest rugged devices with Samsung Knox security and next-generation network and device convergence solutions will further enable a new era of digital transformation for our enterprise customers.” 

1 All Samsung phones and tablets with NFC and Android OS 4.4+ are compatible with the SoftPOS solution.

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