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[Galaxy History ②] Evolution of the Galaxy Buds Series: Listening Innovation That Eliminated Wires

July 4, 2024
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Wireless earphones have become essential accessories for anyone active and on the go including music lovers, students and office workers. Even though people have listened to music through wired earphones for decades, the arrival of wireless ones rapidly changed people’s behavior thanks to the freedom of movement, ease of connection and wealth of features packed into their compact frame.

Samsung's Galaxy Buds series distinguishes itself from other wireless earbuds available on the market through enhanced sound quality, comfortable fit and a smarter sound experience powered by Galaxy AI. Samsung Newsroom revisited the history of the Galaxy Buds series — a device that has become a must-have item with smartphones.

[2019] Galaxy Buds
Focusing on the Essentials: The Beginning of Galaxy Wireless EarbudsImage of [Galaxy History ②] Evolution of the Galaxy Buds Series: Listening Innovation That Eliminated Wires

In February 2019, Samsung launched the wireless Galaxy Buds for consumers who value a more convenient and exciting lifestyle. Accented with a glossy texture and round design, the wearable was compact enough to conveniently fit into the user’s pocket. The earbuds could also be secured with wingtips once placed in the ear, so they don’t slip out during intensive exercise.

However, the most impressive feature was sound quality — the essence of earbuds. Samsung focused on enriching audio so users could hear crystal-clear sound regardless of their environment. The Galaxy Buds featured technology from Harman’s premium acoustic brand AKG to deliver a rich auditory experience that resembled the original sound. Adaptive Dual Microphone technology was another key to the clear sound quality whereby two mics located on the inside and outside of each earbud adjusted to ambient noise. Users could expect smooth sound quality even when taking phone calls in noisy public places.

The portable Galaxy Buds boasted a long-lasting battery life. On a single charge, these earbuds provided up to 6 hours of play time or up to 5 hours of talk time. In addition, users could enjoy up to 13 hours of music playback with a dedicated charging case. Through the Galaxy S10’s Wireless PowerShare feature, the Galaxy Buds could be charged using the smartphone as well.

[2020] Galaxy Buds+
Clearer Sound, Longer Hours of Use

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Introduced in February 2020, the Galaxy Buds+ showcased enhanced sound quality. Featuring 2-way speakers with a tweeter for crisp, clear highs and a woofer for powerful bass, these earbuds created a balanced sound. The three mics — one inside and two outside — reduced external noise while capturing the user's voice accurately to allow for clear communication in any environment.

The Galaxy Buds+ provided up to 11 hours of play time on a single charge. Users could enjoy 11 additional hours with the charging case for a total of 22 hours. Through Android and iOS device compatibility, more people could enjoy the latest features of the Galaxy Buds+.

[2021] Galaxy Buds Pro
Evolved Noise Canceling, Dressed in Sustainable Materials

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As a response to the expanding wireless earbuds market, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Buds Pro in January 2021. Offering premium performance, these wearables highlighted the intelligent Active Noise Canceling (ANC) feature — reducing background noise significantly so users can dial the world up or down. When the Buds Pro recognized a user’s voice, the device would automatically switch to Ambient sound and adjust the music volume. By reducing unnecessary noise, users could tune into what they really wanted to hear.

For unparalleled sound quality, Samsung innovated both the interior and exterior design. The new structure minimized the effect of wind for clearer sound, and the 2-way speaker delivered dynamic audio across the entire sound range. By incorporating recycled polycarbonate (PC) into some components of the earbuds, the Galaxy Buds Pro provided the same level of performance and durability as the original but in a new, sustainable design.

[2021] Galaxy Buds2
Smaller, Lighter Earbuds in Sync With Life

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Samsung launched the smallest and lightest earbuds in the Galaxy Buds series with Galaxy Buds2 in August 2021. Each earbud only weighed 5 grams, making the wearable perfect for users with active lifestyles. Equipped with 2-way dynamic speakers, Active Noise Canceling (ANC) and a new machine learning-based solution that responded to different noise levels, the Galaxy Buds2 effectively blocked out background noise during phone calls to deliver a clear voice to the person on the other line.

Since earbuds are used throughout the day, the Galaxy Buds2 offered ear tips in three sizes and an Earbud Fit Test to ensure users could comfortably wear the device for long periods. If the earbuds didn't fit snugly, the test result would indicate a “poor fit” and give users instructions on how to adjust. The Auto Switch feature allowed users to freely and conveniently switch connection between their Galaxy devices including smartphones, watches or tablets without disconnecting their Galaxy Buds2 each time.

[2022] Galaxy Buds2 Pro
Taking Immersive Sound to the Next Level: An Expansion of Seamless Connectivity

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Released in August 2022, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro offered the most immersive sound experience in the Galaxy Buds series. Complete with High-Dynamic Range and wireless 24-bit high fidelity (Hi-Fi) audio, the earbuds reimagined how users listen to music. The 360 Audio Recording feature allowed users to vividly capture surrounding sound on smartphone-recorded videos, delivering multi-dimensional audio that makes users feel as if they are actually inside the video.

The Galaxy Buds2 Pro earbuds were designed to be 15% smaller with an ergonomic design, so users could watch media content more comfortably. Extending beyond the realm of mobile devices, the wearable could be connected to a Samsung TV but would automatically connect to a paired smartphone if a call is received while watching. When the call finished, the earbuds would seamlessly reconnect to the TV.

The Next-Generation Galaxy Buds Will Be…
This February, Samsung released a software update for the Galaxy Buds series. Now, users can enjoy the Galaxy S24 series’ AI technology along with various other hands-free AI features on the Galaxy Buds series. In addition, the update strengthened the Samsung device ecosystem experience by connecting the Galaxy Buds series to more products including the Galaxy Book4 series, Samsung TVs and more.

Though sound cannot be seen, it has the power to evoke emotions, trigger memories and stimulate people. As the Galaxy Buds series constantly evolves to reflect the values and needs of users, Samsung is changing the listening experience by delivering earbuds with comfortable wearability that produce quality sound and expand connectivity. The Galaxy Buds series will continue to serve as a friendly medium allowing users to enter a new world of sound every time they wear their earbuds.

Explore Samsung’s next generation of innovations at Galaxy Unpacked 2024 on July 10 in Paris.

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