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[Editorial] Samsung Begins New Era of Computing with Galaxy Book Line-up

July 16, 2020

Now more than ever, people want devices that are flexible, integrate with their connected ecosystems, and always keep them connected. Samsung’s latest Galaxy Books are designed to meet those needs with powerful features geared for mobility, connectivity, productivity, and the continuity. Here's a closer look at our latest laptops.

[Editorial] Samsung Begins New Era of Computing with Galaxy Book Line-up
Mincheol Lee, Corporate Vice President and Head of New Computing Biz Group at Samsung Electronics

Ever since the introduction of barely luggable laptops in the early 1980s, people have been bringing their PCs with them to work, learn, and create wherever they go. Computing power may have evolved since then, but the desire to get more done no matter where we are hasn’t changed. Technology has erased the boundaries of where we work, allowing us to get more done at the office, café, or on the couch at home.

That is why we have a new vision for computing. We are focused on creating a world that will bring consumers a connected experience for the utmost convenience – whether you’re a student that uses multiple devices to study, or a business professional that always needs to be connected to your team. To bring that vision to life, we’re extending the Galaxy experience beyond the smartphone and developing new Galaxy Book laptops that tie into the Galaxy ecosystem for a seamless experience.

Now more than ever, people want devices that are flexible enough to meet multiple needs, integrate seamlessly with their connected ecosystems, and keep them connected at all times. Increasingly, consumers are searching for light and portable devices that provide mobility, connectivity, and the advantages of a PC and tablet in one device. We took those demands to heart by kickstarting an era of the Galaxy Book series. This new range of laptops enables people to do their best work, be creative, and change the world from wherever they like. 

First introduced at the Samsung Developer Conference 2019, the Galaxy Book series combines the versatility of a Note PC with the mobility of a smartphone. It represents a step forward in personal computing, as the perception of PCs has changed from ‘family’ to ‘personal’ devices. As a result, consumers’ needs have become more diverse and personalized. Samsung has embraced this trend and introduced a range of diverse computing devices that deliver productivity, connectivity, mobility, and continuity with other digital devices to meet the demands of each individual consumer.

With the launch of the powerful Galaxy Book series, which includes the Galaxy Book S, Galaxy Book Flex, and Galaxy Book Ion, we are ushering in a new era of mobile computing. The Galaxy Book series are now available in North America, Asia, and some countries of Europe. As the demand for these innovative devices continues to grow, we will do our best to increase the availability of the Galaxy Book series for more happy customers across the world.

I believe that these devices are the next great step in personal computing as they harness the mobility and connectivity of a smartphone, the powerful productivity of a PC, and the continuity to experience a seamless Galaxy ecosystem. Here’s a closer look at our latest Galaxy Book series.

 Connectivity on the Go

We’ve all been there – you’re out of the office and need to access your company server to retrieve important project files. The ability to connect wherever you are is a cornerstone of the next generation of computing as both students and business professionals increasingly find themselves out of the classrooms and offices and in more dynamic working environments, or even on the couch at home. Thanks to built-in LTE on the Galaxy Book S, you can always access those important files and communicate with friends, family, and colleagues from wherever you want. The Galaxy Book S also comes equipped with Wi-Fi 62, allowing you to connect to high-speed internet even in crowded public spaces where many people are connected to the network. But a device that can connect from anywhere also needs to be easy to carry.

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Built for Mobility

Whether you often find yourself flitting from one meeting to the next, or just need a device that can be there for you when inspiration strikes, the Galaxy Book line-up is built for mobility. Constructed with magnesium to reduce its weight, the 13.3” Galaxy Book Ion weighs only 0.97kg and is just 12.9mm thick. Thanks to this lightweight design, it fits comfortably in your hands so you can move effortlessly from your office to your couch, and everywhere in between.

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Offering an impressive battery life when fully charged, it can keep up with you all day, from your morning meeting to that last-minute email on the commute home3. Best of all, built-in Wireless PowerShare turns your touchpad into a charging station, ensuring you never run out of battery for your Galaxy smartphone or Galaxy Buds. 

But the Galaxy Book line-up is about more than just longer battery life – it’s about bringing powerful features together into a seamless ecosystem so you can accomplish your goals.

Productivity to Power Your Day

As our workplaces have become more dynamic, and the boundaries that define them more flexible, laptops have evolved to keep pace with the rapidly changing environment. The Galaxy Book Flex is designed with those challenges in mind.

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Equipped with an S Pen, a consumer-favorite feature, and a 2-in-1 convertible design, the Galaxy Book Flex brings all-new experiences to laptops. Empowering students to learn more efficiently, Voice Note allows you to record lectures while jotting down important notes and diagrams to help you remember them later. When playing back recordings, the software shows a list of all your bookmarked memos and automatically displays them while you listen. That unmatched productivity is bolstered by a powerful connected ecosystem that allows you to easily sync important information across your devices.

Seamless Continuity

The Galaxy Book line-up offers seamless mobile-to-PC connectivity right at your fingertips. Microsoft Your Phone comes pre-installed and allows you to connect your Galaxy smartphone to your Galaxy Book so you can quickly transfer data, drag-and-drop files, and check and respond to SMS messages. Your Phone also allows screen mirroring, so you can see your phone’s screen and control apps right on your laptop. Best of all, it doesn’t need a physical connection – all that’s required is a Wi-Fi connection.

From advanced connectivity to unique form factors with cutting-edge features, our latest line-up of Galaxy laptops is truly ushering in a new era of computing. Developed to meet the needs of individual consumers, it focuses on delivering products that improve connectivity, mobility, productivity, and continuity. As consumers’ demands evolve, we will continue to launch Galaxy Book products that reflect their needs and improve their computing experience.

To learn more about Samsung’s Galaxy Book line-up, head to

1 Product availability and pricing may vary by country. Visit the page in your region for full details.
2 Wi-Fi 6 is available on Galaxy Book Flex, Galaxy Book Ion and Galaxy Book S powered by Intel® Core™ processor.
3 Actual battery life may vary depending on individual use, settings, and features utilized. 

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