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7 Galaxy A90 5G Features That Will Change Your Life

October 11, 2019

From communication and productivity to gaming and photography, the Galaxy A90 5G delivers smartphone experiences unlike any others -- all developed for the new era of mobile connectivity

Galaxy A90 5G offers all the essential features you need to interact and communicate instantaneously in the new era of mobile connectivity. Whether it's photography, gaming or productivity, Galaxy A90 5G delivers smartphone experiences unlike any others. Here are 7 Galaxy A90 5G features that will amaze you.

1. Think You Know Fast Connectivity?

Say goodbye to glitchy video calls and streams. Galaxy A90 5G lets you stream, download and share high-quality content in the blink of an eye. With 5G connectivity, you can connect and share experiences with your friends and family in real-time even when you are apart.

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2. Take Jaw-dropping Selfies

Galaxy A90 5G comes with a 32MP front camera. Or in simpler terms, it can take amazing selfies you can customize with AR Emoji. With the device’s advanced photo enhancing software, such as Flaw Detector, pictures on your social media feed will always look stunning.

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3. Capture Incredibly Stable Videos

Galaxy A90 5G’s camera can record all your action-packed adventures without any shakiness. Whether you are skateboarding in a park or cycling downhill, Super Steady ensures you can capture fluid videos all the time.
Galaxy A90 5G Overview GIF4. Level Up in No Time

Galaxy A90 5G takes your mobile gaming experience to the next level. Neuro Game Booster optimizes the device based on your preferences, so you can always play your favorite games under the best conditions for longer.

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5. Never Run Out of Juice

Galaxy A90 5G comes with fast-charging capabilities. The 4,500mAh intelligent battery will also optimize the device’s power consumption based on your routines to ensure you’ll always have enough juice to get through the day.

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6. Mindblowing Visuals

With Galaxy A90 5G, you can enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies in the best quality possible anywhere you go. The device boasts an immersive 6.7-inch Infinity-U display, allowing you to get the most out of your multimedia content.

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7. Chic and Stylish

Galaxy A90 5G is a device people will notice. Available in classic black and white, the back glass carries intricate geometric patterns that are designed to stand out from the crowd.

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